Fibromyalgia Poems

Let Down By My Illness

I feel let down by my illness

It knocks me down at the worst times

And completely fries my brain

Leaving me in absolute agony

It gets in the way of everything I do

Holding me back from living life

I end up in survival mode

Trying my best to return to normal

Unable to keep up with the world

Life flies past me in a blur

And as everyone else moves on

I am stuck in the same vicious cycle

I cannot think for myself

When something important happens

It makes it seem like I don’t care

When really I’m trying my best

I’m fighting this every single day

To try to seem normal and healthy

To look capable of things I used to do

That the illness tries to take away

I feel let down by my illness

Like it’s a friend betraying me

Ruining my life one day at a time

Until I have nothing left

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