Fibromyalgia Poems


Living with fibromyalgia is really unpredictable

You never know when you are going to feel okay or when you are going to flare up

It’s like my body rolls dice every second of every day to decide how im going to feel

Sometimes you can feel a flare coming on, but often a pain can start randomly just like that

It could be my knee starts stinging for no reason, or my back spasms

Perhaps my shoulder starts aching or the exhaustion suddenly hits even though I’m not doing anything to exacerbate it

I may randomly feel better or worse in any given moment, not just in a day or a few hours

I literally never know how I’m going to feel

It makes planning things very hard as I’m always afraid I’ll end up having to cancel at the last minute

Just know that I will do everything in my power to attend, but unfortunately this illness is out of my power no matter how hard I try to control it

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