Opening Up to Someone Else is Helping Me be more Honest with Myself

I recently had some unexpected good news at work and it caught me so unawares that I cried in happiness. My manager is quite new to the role and I didn’t know if she had been told much at all about my health.

I’ve been fairly secretive about it, only revealing little snippets of my illnesses as I don’t want it to interfere with my job too much. However in this moment of honesty with myself at how much I wanted to do well in my job, I opened up more than usual. She listened to me wholeheartedly, asked questions and wanted to know more. It really made me feel wanted and cared about at my work.

I know many people don’t have such nice experiences but I absolutely love my job and do suffer with my illnesses to ensure I am on top of my workload. I feel guilty when I take a day off or can’t work as hard as usual, especially as in the past I haven’t divulged much information.

But now that it is more out in the open, I feel I can be more honest with not only the team around me but also with myself. I feel like I’m going to be more in control of stopping myself from overdoing it and leaning on my manager when I need to take it easy.

I will see how it goes, I’m hoping it’s not just a phase and I’m going to attempt to keep it going as much as possible. It can only be good for me to take it easy when I need to as it could make me more productive at work in the long run.

Wish me luck!

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