Fibromyalgia Poems

Another Week Another Health Issue

It seems that having a chronic illness is like a nightmare game show

I would call it Health Issue of the Week

And show it to all of my friends and family

It feels like every week I have a new symptom or a new injury

Just to add to the ever growing list of problems

And I never fully recover from any of them

Each new health issue stays with me and makes everything worse

It’s a worry personally about how bad it can get

But it also sounds to others like I’m a hypochondriac or exaggerating

‘There’s always something wrong with you’

‘Why are you always moaning?’

‘You are always ill, you need to be healthier’

These are all common replies when I decide to open up about my health

And people wonder why I hide these extra injuries or illnesses

I’m scared I’ll be judged or people will think it’s not as serious as it is

To others a pain in a new place can be quite minor

But when you are battling so many other physical and mental issues

Anything else on top can make a difficult situation even harder to manage

It is another thing added on to my evergrowing list of problems

To try to manage in one way or another

Another trial and error learning curve

We just have to keep on going

Take every new issue as a challenge to help you become stronger

But when you are battling against yourself

All you can do is try and hope that it will get better

There will always be better and worse days

You just have to keep going 💜

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1 thought on “Another Week Another Health Issue”

  1. We do have to keep going. Find your tribe. Those who suffer from the same type of illnesses you do. You are going to need support. I promise new co-existing conditions will not be as scary if you can bounce them off of others. I think with your blog and the truthfulness of your posts you will find your tribe in no time. ~Kim

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