Fibromyalgia Poems

As Comfortable as Possible

I live my life in pain 24/7

I do anything to stay comfy

To feel less pain

Whatever that entails

I often look a mess

With my hair down

It just hurts to put it up

Sometimes even to brush it

I live in trackies

Not because I love them

But because they are comfy

Tight clothes hurt me

My skin is often too sensitive

To wear jeans or heavy clothes

When I look a mess

Please know I’m trying my best

3 thoughts on “As Comfortable as Possible”

  1. So brutally honest, thank you for sharing. I’m just so sorry you feel such pain and discomfort with the day to day things that most people take for granted. Fibro is a helluva thing. I’ve come to appreciate the smallest of comforts now and take what enjoyment from them I can too, whether that’s comfy clothes or hot water bottles and a lie down with a book in the middle of the day! xx


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