Fibromyalgia Poems

Thank You

Hello to anybody reading this! I would just like to say a huge thank you to anyone who has read any of my posts so far. I have always wanted to do a blog and just never found the right thing to write about until I found out I have fibromyalgia a few months back. I realised recently that I have been bottling a lot of things up and need somewhere to release them.

I have always loved writing and have dabbled in poetry before a little – I wrote a poem when my grandma died a few years ago and read it out at her funeral.

I am also a keen writer of books. I have finished one book about the legend of Robin Hood and am half way through the first draft of the sequel. I haven’t put it out there anywhere yet as I would like to finish the whole trilogy first. I have pressed pause on it at the moment as I’m just too tired, dealing with fibromyalgia every day while also working long shifts in a job I adore. However writing poems in this blog is helping me use some of that creativity in nice bitesized chunks that my brain can function just enough for.

These poems are straight from me and not copied from anywhere. I have vowed not to edit them at all to make them as true to myself as possible so they are all first and last drafts.

It has made me realise I can still be productive, but in little doses. I can still achieve things but my goals are just a little bit smaller than they used to be and much more achievable.

Once again a massive thanks to anyone who has read my posts so far. Without you I would not have kept this going. If it even helps one person or makes me feel less alone in my fight against chronic illness, then I call it a success. I will try to write at least one a day, if only for some release.


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