Fibromyalgia Poems

I’m Fine

I’m fine

Is the easiest thing to say

It can be a sign

That you’re having a bad day

I’m fine

Most won’t look beyond the smile

I don’t want to explain

Sometimes it’s just plain denial

I’m fine

I don’t want to admit

That I am not okay

That I hurt and I just want to quit

I’m fine

My body and mind are not

But I’m alive

I must remember all I’ve got

I’m fine

If you look hard enough you’ll see

That I’m not

I’m finding it hard to just be

I’m fine

I’m struggling to cope

Please send help

I need to find some hope

I’m fine

I don’t want you to worry

I understand

Life is passing in a hurry

I’m fine

I feel like I’m on fire


My voice is a liar

I’m fine

I just can’t stop saying I’m okay

I’m fine

Please get me through this day

I’m fine

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3 thoughts on “I’m Fine”

  1. I understand not wanting to explain but I can never say I’m fine because it’s been almost 20 years now since I’ve been fine. Best of luck to you. Fibromyalgia is hard to deal with.


  2. This is painfully sad, and all too relatable. Fine is so much easier than explaining the reality. And yet some times we really, really wish people would just know what it’s like without having to ask, that they ‘get’ how we’re feeling and that we need support. Beautiful piece, Bethan ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you for hour kind words Caz! It means a lot. Luckily there are a couple of people in my life who can tell when I’m suffering even when I try to hide it. I’m trying to learn to be more open but don’t want others to worry or stop me doing things xx

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