Fibromyalgia Poems

Hello Fibro

Hello Fibro
My literal pain in the everywhere
You’re the invisible villain to my superhero
A super tired, pained hero
I’m ready to fight you to the death
No matter what it takes

Hello there Fibro
You’re always there to remind me
That you’re never going to leave
Tiring me out and slowing me down
I know I’m chronically ill
You don’t need to set reminders

Oh hi again Fibro
I was beginning to feel normal there
But thanks for being there for me
Thanks so much for having my back
For taking it hostage and not letting go

Yes fibro
I know you’re bored but I want to have a life today
You don’t want me to but I’m going to do it anyway
Just to annoy you even more
I know I’ll suffer tomorrow but I’ll survive somehow

What’s that fibro?
You don’t get why I’m smiling?
Well I have to get on with life
I’m going to be in pain either way
So I may as well get up and do something

Hey fibro
You’re not going to beat me today
I’m going to switch your voice off for a while
Enjoy myself and be free
You can have me back later
But I’m off to play

See you later Fibro
I know you are always there
But we need some time apart
You get a little clingy at times
And I need some fresh air

Calm down fibro
You can have me back later
You can rip me apart if you like
Just as long as I have this time
This hour, this minute, this second
As long as I can win this one

Thanks fibro
For giving me a bit of relief today
I just needed some space
But I will do as you say now
I will rest and spend time with you

But fibro
Just remember you don’t own me
I’m not your puppet
You can’t control me
I will do what I want
All you can do is advise
And I will choose when to listen

Thanks again Fibro
You help me appreciate the little things
You remind me life isn’t perfect
You choose your own battles
You choose your victories and losses
And try to find your own happiness
In the whirlwind of life

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