Fibromyalgia Poems

The Importance of Good Friends When You Have a Chronic Illness

Through life you gain many friends

But only a few are true friends

They will be there for you no matter what

Through good times and the bad

Those friends are incredibly important

Especially to someone who lives with chronic illness

They listen and want to know more about your health

They do all they can to help you

You can trust they will look after you when you’re unwell

Pick you up when you’re feeling down

They won’t judge you for being ill

But instead listen, support and assist in any way they can

Those friends only want the best for you

They want you to succeed in everything you do

They are a helping hand when you need it most

And you can depend on them no matter what

They understand when you need some time and space

You can go months without seeing each other

But you know you are still there for one another

Now that is a true friendship

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