Fibromyalgia and Internal Tremors

My newest symptom in the ever growing list is internal tremors. I started getting them in my lower left leg, in my calf where I often experience cramp.

An internal tremor is a sensation of vibration within a muscle but without it physically showing any movement on the outside. This can make it quite hard for others to understand as they want to see that something is wrong to know it is there.

I have had trouble with restless legs in the past but having the internal tremors now makes it extremely hard to get comfortable and to settle enough to sleep.

It feels like a hundred bees are buzzing around in my leg, like every muscle is twitching with unspent energy that won’t go away. It’s like my leg has had too much coffee and now it will be awake all night.

The worst thing is it’s no better during the day. Walking is now uncomfortable and I feel off balance. My leg feels weaker than usual and isn’t working quite as it should because of the constant tremor.

I’m hoping it is just a deficiency in something or potentially down to stress. I’ll visit the doctor if it persists, but there is quite a lot of information regarding internal tremors so I will further investigate to see if anything can be done to alleviate it. I enjoy an Epsom salt bath so that may help my leg relax a little and an overdue massage.

18 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Internal Tremors”

  1. Hey Bethan, my names Mandi and I’ve had fibro for about 5 years. During that time I’ve researched heavily into suppliments that may help with especially the pain. And mainly foot pain. I thought I’d give you a list of stuff I take and what I take it for and if you find you have similar then you might benefit from taking some of them.
    Oh..and I buy from prices and quality really good

    Magnesium…I can’t remember dose! But I usually buy Now magnesium inositol…a powder stirred into water b4 bed…relaxes..and most people deficient.
    GABBA…great product I use for foot pain but it reduces the excitability of pain nerves. Takes about 4 to 6 weeks but you’ll notice a subtle change. I buy Now brand…750mg and take 1 in morning 1 after dinner b4 bed.
    Zinc 50mg…not for everyone but I think have a disorder called pyroluria which causes me to per out all my zinc…huge change once I started taking….stopped being hysterical and tearful…can get tested for this c mostly but only need per sample.
    I also take Lyrica 150mg morning and night. . Warning…stopping this drug leaves horrible withdrawal.
    And Cymbalta an antidepressant that is indicated for fibro pain….this works for me really well…Warning.. withdrawal symptoms really horrible but I consider it worth while.
    I hope I’m not telling you what you already know..but I believe in sharing info as it just might make someone’s life better. As for restless legs…what a nightmare….I’ve only had it like 3 times…I don’t know what my trigger is but I feel it’s related to anxiety in me….anyway …regards…Mandi from Lismore Australia


    1. Did you know that you can now get a generic medication for Lyrica? It is called Pregabalin and it is a lot cheaper so I thought I would mention this to you because as you know when you have Fibromyalgia you really have to be on a budget since most people can’t work.
      Take care.


  2. So sorry you are having internal tremors, Bethan. This is something I have had off and on for thirteen years, but more so since the fibromyalgia has been worse. For me, it isn’t just legs, but my core area too…around my middle. When the “buzzing” gets strong, it is hard to concentrate. I have noticed when I take magnesium, that is does help a bit…but I have to be careful because magnesium affects my IBS…another fibromyalgia add on ;-( I hope you find some relief soon. Thinking of you.

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  3. Hi, Bethan~
    I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2016, though I’ve had some symptoms for many years. I didn’t seek professional help until I was completely knocked down and laid out by it.
    It’s hard to find information about internal tremors. It’s a frightening symptom.
    I’ve had them for about a year now involving my hands, arms, legs and core.
    Mine occur on waking from deep sleep. I can only answer my phone or type text with great effort and concentration. If I have to use the bathroom urgently, walking and balance are nearly impossible, and I keep a cane by my bed for this.
    I can usually sleep them off, if I can go back to sleep, though some episodes last longer than others.
    My doctor says it’s hyperexcitability of my nerves. Hmpf. It’s still scary when so much of what is known about our condition is still theory and conjecture.
    I supplement my magnesium and calcium with CALM gummies plus a good multivitamin, B complex, and Fibrolief supplements, including one for repair of nerves.
    Thank you all for sharing that you experience this too.

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    1. Hi Lynelle, yes absolutely. It’s so hard to find information about tremors so it’s just trial and error as to what works or helps a lot of the time


  4. Hi Bethan,
    I’m so glad I’m not going bonkers! You’ve described the feeling I’ve had in my legs (& into my groin area) to a tee. I now have the words to take to my medical team once lockdown is over.

    Thank you.

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  5. I have fibromyalgia, but new for the last four weeks is off and on all day and night internal tremors in my chest. Feels like a vibrating feeling like I swallowed a phone on vibrate meets a jittery too much coffee feeling. I actually went to the ER two weeks ago thinking it was my heart, but it wasn’t. Very frustrating. Sometime the vibration is so strong I have a hard time hearing because it feels loud inside. I know that sounds strange. It’s really bothering me and worrying me.


    1. I have it in my chest at times but mostly at the back of my skull and upper neck. It is worse in the evening and night typically. Makes it so I can’t sleep and I find it really disturbing. I am not sure if this is a fibro thing or not. Still looking for answers.


      1. What does yours feel like in your head? I feel my heart pounding in my head and throughout my body. I am wondering if it is more of an internal tremor


  6. I’ve been trying to describe this feeling for months! It’s sees to move around my body especially in my arms below the elbow and my neck and the base of my skull. I’ve been practicing sleep hygiene for a while now and I was getting on pretty well until I’ve started with restless legs Honestly fibromyalgia is such a b*#&h!


  7. I’ve had fibromyalgia for over 25 years. Yes I know I’ve had many people tell me that it doesn’t last that long. Trust me it does. When I first got it the doctors had no idea what it was. Mine started out with internal tremors. I was unable to keep my balance because of the tremors and even my husband thought I was full of bull. The tremors finally got better then everything else hit and doctors still didn’t know what fibromyalgia was. It has gotten better in ways or maybe I’m just getting used to it. It is a debilitating illness.


  8. I wanted to share that I’m getting some relief from these ridiculous twitches and nightime leg cramps with 1200mg of guaifenesin morning and night in addition to Magnesium and D-Ribose.


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