Fibromyalgia Poems

With Chronic Illness, a Cold is Never just a Cold

A cold can seem bad even to a healthy person

But to someone with a chronic illness it can cause lots of complications

Those with chronic illness already feel unwell even on a good day

So add in a cold and every symptoms is multiplied

Everything hurts, energy runs out completely

You may be bed bound for days feeling like you have the flu

It knocks you out and leaves your immune system in shreds

Trying to patch itself back together before another virus settles in

A cold can flare up all your health conditions in unison

Leaving you with no choice but to rest completely and utterly

You cannot focus on anything at all

Just willing the time to pass and for you to feel better

You feel like you may explode from the pressure in your face

The aches and pains intensify making you extremely uncomfortable

Cold and flu medicines barely make any difference at all

You just have to wait it out and pray you will feel alive soon

You worry if this will be your new normal

But if you rest enough and try not to feel guilty about taking a break

You should recover over time and return to your normal

Whatever your normal may be

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8 thoughts on “With Chronic Illness, a Cold is Never just a Cold”

  1. Describes it well. I certainly agree that Cold and flu medicines barely make any difference at all. I’ve always wondered why they don’t since I’ve had Fibro so it’s interesting to read that is also true for you. I wonder why?

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    1. Glad I’m not the only one! Maybe we are just so used to taking medication, it doesnt affect us as much as it does to those who don’t take it as often? Or we just get colds so much worse that medication can only improve it slightly. Very good point


    1. Thank you! Yeah I always dread getting a cold as it just knocks us completely backwards


  2. Eugh, this is so true. It drains you’re already limited resources. I had a bad flu last year, before Christmas, and I’ve never known anything like it. It’s never ‘just’ a cold or flu when it’s alongside chronic illness, you’ve described it really well. x

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. So sorry you had a bad flu, if even a cold affects us so badly I don’t know how you survived flu!

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  3. You have hit the nail on the head. Nothing that is common, like a cold is ‘just’ a cold when you have fibro. Something that you could get over quite quickly tends to send you into a flare and knocks you sideways. Thank you Bethan x


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